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Herbale brings to the world the gift of India’s ancient treasure of ayurveda. Given the increasing stress levels and poor air quality, gentle and instant pain relief based on natural medicine is the need of the hour.

Herbale, with a strong team, is all set to enhance the lives of millions of people across India and the rest of the world. Explore our partnership programs, and let us start growing better together and faster.

Herbale intends to recreate the natural and herbal based products innovatively that can not only provide better and convenient usage experience, but also faster and effective relief through natural ingredients.

The Herbale Double Action, the first of our range, is a pioneer product that infuses a nasal inhaler and a roll-on in one for instant and long-lasting headache relief. Based on new research, Herbale Double Action works faster on headaches due to the patented Sniff and Swipe technology, the first of its kind in the world.

In line with this launch, Herbale has lined up similar natural and herbal remedies that are based in traditional ayurveda with a modern approach. All our products are known for their intense yet gentle healing abilities. All our products are priced competitively while adhering to using only the best quality ingredients and materials, manufacturing processes and safety standards.

Our conviction and credibility comes from our parent company, Saba Group, a conglomerate of several industries based in Vellore and Chennai. Saba Group exports products and solutions to several large markets in Europe and other parts of the globe and is well known for its quality standards in those markets.

Partner with us to create a new revolution in this ever-growing market space!

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