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Double Action.  Double Strong.  Double Relief.

Experience quick relief with Herbale's advanced Double action pain reliever made from natural oils, using patented Sniff & Swipe technology.With Cold, comes its ally, headache. What everyone wants is instant relief from Cold and Headache in order to carry out day-to-day activities easily. Herbale’s 2-in-1 pain relief can be used as a nose inhaler for cold and a roll on for headache. For people suffering from allergy, sinus infection, Migraine and Stress, this 2 in 1 roll on and inhaler is definitely a Boon.

100% Pure Natural Ingredients

Herbale Products are made of 100% Pure Natural Ingredients so that you get 100% relief. All our ingredients are naturally sourced and prepared with ayurvedic formulas that there is no compromise on treatment.

Get back to life faster with faster relief

Each one of us encounters the outside world for some reason, every single day.Factors like pollution, dust, and noise tend to cause problems such as allergies, migraine, cough, and headache. With Herbale products, get instant headache relief and relief from other problems in no time!

Pain Relief Experts

Carefully formulated and prepared Ayurvedic Pain Balms for your disposal. New range of powerful pain relievers, each one designed to take pain to task. Each of our Herbal Pain Balms go easy on your pocket, in terms of weight and price.

Herbale 2 in 1 Inhaler + Roll

Herbale Double Action Relief

One of it’s kind, the hunt for Herbale Roll on for Headache and Inhaler for cold has now come to an end.

Herbale Pain Balm Healing Effect

Herbale Pain Balm Healing Effect

For every pain there is a solution : Herbale Pain Balm. Pain is inevitable but the solution is not, thanks to Herbale Pain Balm.

Herbale Headache Healing Rub

Herbale Headache Healing Rub

Headaches are everywhere and the reasons are infinite, but the solution is one: Herbale Headache Healing Pain Balm.

Herbale Cough Syrup

Herbale Cough Syrup

This fast-acting cough syrup is made up of an ayurvedic concoction of Holy Basil, Ginger, Black pepper, Long pepper and Cumin to provide quick relief from wet and dry cough, sore throat and cold.

Herbale Cough Syrup

Herbale Touch & Rub

Small package , Big noise. Introducing the Herbale Touch & Rub Balm. With its unique non sticky oil formula, you can now get rid of two problems : Headache and Sticky hands. An Ayurvedic formula designed

Herbale Story

‘Herbale’ is the gift of good Health the Herbal way. It is the union of clinical Ayurvedic concepts and technology to enhance the quality of everyday life. We believe that everyday wellness should be effective, accessible, and affordable and our pursuit for the same gave birth to Herbale.

Herbale Partner

Herbale brings you the gift of Ayurveda with an exciting product range after years of research. We have taken utmost efforts to craft the most desirable product range under the Herbale brand-umbrella. Explore our partner programs, and let us start growing together and faster.

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Get everything that relieves you from pain from sanitizers to balms, from roll ons to dry cough syrup, only at Herbale.
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