Germ Killing Experts

New range of effective Hand Sanitizers, now kill germs in flavors of your choice. Herbale Hand Sanitizers kill germs and are portable and user-friendly. Our range of hand sanitizers offers effective and gentle protection from disease-causing germs. Our ayurveda-inspired unique flavors and aromas are a reward to your senses for wanting to be clean.

The special chemical-free combination of herbs and fragrances in each of our sanitizers can be used multiple times a day safely. Our sanitizers are packaged to make sanitization quick, easy and instant!

Use it anytime, anywhere you want, and you will definitely deem it the best sanitizer in India. Use it as often as required.

Herbale Instant Aqua Hand Sanitizer
Aqua hand sanitizer

Stay cool and make your hands smell breezy with the Aqua Hand Sanitizer from Herbale. Enjoy a splash of freshness with the Aqua flavor hand sanitizer. Say goodbye to germs while keeping your hands hydrated with the Aqua flavored sanitizer.

Neem & Tea Tree Oil hand sanitizer

Get 100% protection from germs with Herbale’s Neem and Tea Tree Oil hand sanitizer. Neem and Tea tree oil are the world’s most popular germ-fighting ingredients. These two-star herbs and their unique formulation combine to give you all around protection from germs. You can now buy hand sanitizer online!

Herbale Instant Neem & Tea Tree Oil Hand Sanitizer
Herbale Instant Strawberry Hand Sanitizer
Strawberry hand sanitizer

Make your hands smell good and also keep germs at bay with Herbale Strawberry Hand Sanitizer. Unlock the anti-oxidant and germ fighting qualities of strawberries with our strawberry flavored hand sanitizer. The fruity flavor is a treat to your senses too.

Turmeric hand sanitizer

Turmeric’s anti-inflammatory properties make it the best choice for a hand sanitizer. Catch turmeric in action in this flavourful hand sanitizer that is a tribute to the healing and protective properties of the herb. You can now own the best sanitizer in India.

Herbale Instant Turmeric Hand Sanitizer